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Orenda Art Works is pleased to present Voyager's Imaginary Topography, a series of paper works by Locus Chen. Ranging from book arts to woodblock prints, Chen stains ancient paper the colors of wine red to complement the marks left behind by paper worms. Her compositions create a microtopography, tracing the life each page and its use. Organic shapes contrast with patterns, displaying the opposing forces of human control and natural creation. Chen's question is where she should place herself? With her humanness, or her more natural inclinations? She often does not feel she belongs to anywhere, invoking the idea of a voyager who travels in search of a place to be. 

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Blossom, Japanese book pages, woodcut printing, monofilament, light-weight paper tape, paper, 11 in x 8 in x 6 in (open), 2019- 2020

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"Books can be both 'light' and sculptural. The leaves of this concertina were repurposed from an ancient book, possibly originally for bookkeeping. Brutal though delicate, the strips of book leaves are supported with inner monofilaments to let air penetrate in-between folded pages, forming shuttle-shaped petals that allow variable displays. Embroidery with beads are later added on as my response to the existing mark-makings on the pages."