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Kaiser Kamal_Inside_12021.jpg


Orenda Art Works is pleased to present Small Works by mixed media artist Kaiser Kamal. Queens-based Kamal produced this series on canvas panel during 2021. He continues to probe the human condition, and to externalize internal states. His mixed media practice incorporates found materials, such as tea leaves into his whimsical, dream-like application of paint. The human figure is alluded to in some, but not quite fleshed out. The viewer is introduced to interior worlds, where functioning is abstracted. His palette is muted for this series, but the primary colors still feature prominently, giving character to each work. His forms are familiar but rendered to be non-representational. Instead, emotions are evoked and a sensual experience initiates. In "Lost," one can feel the despondency of the figure though it is expressionless-its body language communicates melancholy. Forbidden 3 depicts a lush scene that leaves one wondering what could be forbidden. Perhaps it is the entry to another's world, forbidden unless given permission. Kamal gives us a peek into his world in these introspective works. 

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