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Orenda Art Works is pleased to present work by 18 artists for the online group show Conceptual Abstraction. These works were selected for their conceptual approach to abstraction. These works, though abstract, are referential to an idea, experience, or as Lorna Ritz puts it, "“the story beneath ordinary, everyday, life things." Concepts such as nature, self-identity, and organic being permeate the works. They are largely expressive of the artists' emotional states, reinforcing the expressionist side of abstraction.


From the depth of Michael Wagner's "Ereignisfeld (Lebensrhytmen)" to the flat color fields of Kris Vann's "Untitled", the works vary in style, and referential subject. What unites them is their representational quality in which, though abstracted, they allude to some concept, notion or thing. Rachael Surrell's "All in Good Time 6" makes reference to the telling of time using differently shaded circles. Circles also feature in Tyrone Neuland Johnson's "Key Logger", which makes reference to the digital world. The circles in "Wheel of Ancestors" makes reference to the circular rotation of generations of descendants. "Microcosm 2" by Andrea Morganstern contains circles as building blocks for the micro-environment depicted in the piece. Other works are displays of technique, making the work self-referential. From Michael Filan’s artist statement, his abstract works “address the viewer in a language that is private, intense, and consistently self-referential.” Cindy Jian's "Aerial Adventure" utilizes gravity as a natural force to create the work. Ingrid Butterer's "Ancedotal 5" refers to an anecdote, but whatever it is has been abstracted. However, there is meaning embedded in the work. Each work is an entire world or language unto itself for the viewer to explore. Please enjoy exploring the exhibition Conceptual Abstraction.

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