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Orenda Arts Journal Vol. 2 No. 3 Portraiture Cover.jpg

Current Issue

This issue features works of portraiture in a wide array of media by a diverse cohort of artists. View the many ways human beings are represented, and read the various philosophies of artists on the depiction of people. 

Orenda Arts Journal

An e-publication for local and international artists.


The Fall 2021 issue of the Orenda Arts Journal will feature Symbolist art. From Abstraction to the Avant-garde, the Journal is looking to publish Symbolism in all forms of media. This includes photography, video, illustration, drawing and paint. Share your work with an audience of fellow artists and art lovers!

Submit your photos, art, or writing for publication in the journal.

Professional artists and hobbyists alike are invited to participate.

Submit using the form linked below. 

OAJ Submit

Past Issues:

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