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Ameles Potamos - Water of Lethe, 2021, h


Orenda Art Works is pleased to present Ameles Potamos, a collection of new work from Romanian-Palestinian artist Inas Al-soqi. Taken from the Greek name for the "Water of Lethe", the title refers to the propensity of humanity to forget its past, and repeat history. Al-soqi's collages are a tempest of images, fitted together to form compositions rife with socio-political commentary, while also containing elements of levity. From the pandemic to the insurrection of January 6th, Al-soqi comments on access to healthcare, government misinformation, and the impacts the pandemic has had on her own artistic process. To insert lightheartedness, Al-soqi includes bits of humor, such as the figure of Don Quixote in the work Paraphyletic, riding cluelessly as conflicts occur before him, much in the way many of us felt as the government spread misinformation that the pandemic would be over by the summer of 2020. Read an exclusive interview below to learn more about Al-soqi's work and process. 

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Keep Us safe - Minted_hand cut collage g
Controlled Access, Inas Al-soqi

Controlled Access

Hand-cut collage glued on paper,

18"x10", 2020, $550


Controled Access_hand cut collage glued
Feathery Hat_hand cut collage glued on p
Fortunate Shell, Inas Al-soqi

Fortunate Shell

Hand-cut collage glued on paper,

19"x10.5", 2020, $550


Born in Kuwait in 1987, Inas is a storyteller that uses old books to assemble collages with a unique sense of humor towards worldly sensibilities. She is a heritage-driven artist who works with the cultural diversity she encounters in her trips around the world. She has a solid education in painting, drawing, printmaking, collage work, and art history. Her works also circulate the globe. They can be found in museums and private collections throughout several countries: Romania, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Lebanon, The Netherlands, Finland, Morocco, Qatar, and The United States.

Her collages play with the dichotomy between the sanctioned and the unsanctioned, and that of folk and fine art. They deliver an endearing form of satire as they express an ironic interpretation of class and nobility. The composition of her work addresses the following themes: Eastern culture, Arab culture, early colonial federalism, and violence against women.

Join us for a virtual artist talk with Inas Al-soqi on April 16th. Registration is through Eventbrite. We hope to see you there!


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